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How appointment scheduling software can be used for customer onboarding

"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten." - Sir Henry Royce


With your extensive efforts in managing and marketing your business, clients preferred your services among the pool of other options. The mountainous task of establishing and convincing the users to choose you is completed, but does this ensure that the customer would again and again choose from the set of services you provide? The answer is obviously no. It is your responsibility to continuously convince the users that you are the best in the market. As important as it is to attract new customers, it is also important to retain your existing ones while ensuring that your customers are properly onboard and in-ship with you. With ZealSchedule, you can book appointments to build a relationship with your customers without back and forth emails.

Tips and tricks for creating the Best Customer onboarding experience 

Customer onboarding is an important first for you and your customer in your long journey if done correctly. With efficient and effective onboarding, you seal the deal of loyalty with your customer. According to statistics, more than 24% of customers churn off after their first service. With a positive and concrete onboarding, the customers shall be reassured of choosing your company.

What is Onboarding of Customers:

Knowing the importance of a great onboarding process, let us go back to basics and understand what comes under customer onboarding.

According to LincolnMurphy- the customer-centric growth expert :

"Proper onboarding(of customers) isn't done to prevent churn; it's done to ensure the customer achieves their Desired Outcome. Retention comes from that."

Many companies misinterpret customer onboarding as just letting the customers know about the technical aspects of the product, i.e., educating the customers on the product usage. But customer onboarding is convincing and showcasing your customers that your product fits all their requirements and is tailor-made for their purpose.

The second thing that comes under this roof is making your customer find the unique value of YOUR service. It is also crucial that the value the customer or client is looking forward to is also fulfilled.

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How appointment scheduling software can be used for customer onboarding

Though holding great importance, optimizing your onboarding process for your customers does not take all of your energy and time as your customer already chose you. The first thing to do in your customers' onboarding process is to make sure that you fulfill all the features and services you promised. With this, let's move into the world of optimized customer onboarding with the five tips below.

Know their expectations and needs:

The first step in your customer onboarding process is to let your customers tell you the expectations of your services. This would open the door for knowing entirely about their needs and requirements of the product. Understanding expectations along with their requirements would help you to provide a more personalized experience for your customers. Hence remember to collect their needs before you go for a meeting with them. With ZealSchedule's custom field feature, you could get as many custom inputs from your client as possible. Also, the user could add additional information about the service while booking itself.

Scheduling Made Easy

Set your milestones:

Be very real in showcasing the features of your product. Unwanted exaggerations lead to disappointment. Knowing the needs of your customer set a milestone that could be achieved. Make a plan and stick to it; deviations in this schedule could cause discomfort to your customer. Overcome this by using automatic scheduling software that doesn't allow overlapping schedules. With ZealSchedule, you have a two-way integration with google and outlook calendars, making your schedule more neat and organized. With automatic reminders, you need not worry about remembering the time of your meeting.

Customizing the onboarding experience:

One size doesn't fit all.Each of your customers may have different use cases for your single product. Having a standard onboarding process for all of them is not ideal. With personalized onboarding, you could explain and satisfy all your customer's needs and requirements. Providing a personalized experience reminds your customers that you value them, which differentiates you from your competitors.

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How appointment scheduling software can be used for customer onboarding

Focus on building a relationship:

No matter if the sale is for a couple of seconds(like buying clothes) or for a couple of years(software companies), focus on building a good relationship with your client. The quality of your product/service and your customer relationship will bring your customer back again to you. Make yourself available to solve your client's queries. With ZealSchedule, you could share your real-time availability through calendar links, thereby cutting back and forth texts/calls/emails to book an appointment. Know how to share your calendar links efficiently with your customer here.

Catching up with your customer after the onboarding process:

Once you have established a good connection with your client, it is essential to contact them. By sending newsletters and emails about the updated service you provide and about exclusive offers, you keep on reminding them that they are still your valuable customer.

In this current age, companies have shifted to become more customer-centric than competitor-centric. With a solid onboarding process, you guarantee your own company's future. At the end of your onboarding process, the customers would have reasons to show their trust and loyalty towards your firm. ZealSchedule in addition of  providing easy and simple appointment scheduling, also helps in various areas of employee onboarding. Evolve, and welcome your customers with excitement and enthusiasm.

We wish you a seamless customer onboarding process