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How can Booking intervals improve your appointments?

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us" –J.R.R.Tolkien


In this fast-moving world, one of the primary goals is that of expecting the unexpected. It becomes an inevitable thing to plan, especially in non-ideal cases. Therefore it is vital to have a buffer time to ensure that we're not late to any scheduled appointments. So, this process of planning and performing the predetermined activities over a specific duration of time comes with the added advantage of productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Break interval is the buffer time between appointments, which helps the staff who require time to travel or set things up. To ensure that we've extra time and it doesn’t affect  any of our works, we've come up with a feature called break interval which is customizable for every service.

So, let's dive in and see how this proves to be helpful in various industries.

In Medical Industry, this break interval concept becomes indispensable since each appointment has to be scheduled with a break in between so that every activity is done in a stipulated time. Especially during this covid-19 pandemic, sanitization is prioritized.

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How can Booking intervals improve your appointments?

In yoga studios, the break interval helps the instructor to get himself prepared. Meanwhile, to ensure that the crowd can be cleared, this buffer time can be used as the time when the participants tend to leave.

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Also, in gyms, the break intervals can be employed similarly to that of yoga studios. It can be sanitized as well as the instructor himself can get relaxed and prepare themselves for the next session, and the crowd can be cleared for the arrival of the next batch.

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How can Booking intervals improve your appointments?

Salons and beauty parlors tend to get messed up with hairstrands or cut hair, so these break intervals will help eliminate these messes. Therefore, this break interval feature provides a buffer time since we can't expect that things go ideally and according to our plans. Also, the covid -19 pandemic has become even more necessary to have break intervals in between for sanitization purposes.

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