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The 7 best reasons for your online consultancy business to opt for a scheduling software

“Details create the big picture” - Sanford I Weil


The global consultancy industries are estimated to reach $502 billion in revenue at the end of 2021. With the growth in the number of start-ups and freelancers around the globe, it is predicted that the consultation business would reach its peak, as many would turn to consultants for guidance. But due to the 2020 pandemic, the growth rate has been subsequently reduced and this reduction could be compromised with the digitalization and integration of new technologies into the industry.

In the world of consultation, gaining the loyalty of your client is the most important step. Ease of contacting and booking, customer relationship maintenance, and the reach of your business are what is going to help your online consulting business to reach a varied group of people and gain their trust. Here are a few best tips for your consultancy business to thrive, strive and flourish in the market.

1.All-in-one scheduling solution for your one of a kind skill:

Using outdated and primitive applications like google and outlook calendars for scheduling bookings? When you have a one-of-a-kind consulting business, it is important for you to have a one-of-a-kind booking solution made just for the purpose.  Switch to the premium-verse of automated appointment scheduling systems like ZealSchedule and efficiently manage your schedule without overlapping bookings and with the ability to customize bookings to your fit.

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The 7 best reasons for your online consultancy business  to opt for a scheduling software

2.Open your business globally:

The perks of having an online consulting business are that you could reach a large group of people around the globe, as no geographical barriers are restricting you to reach them. ZealSchedule provides you with auto-time zone detection, helping you to book appointments with no hustle of overlapping bookings. Also share your meeting links right after bookings, reducing the workload of separately sending meeting links.

3. Customizing to your client’s request:

Business is for the people/customers. It is vital to know about their expectation from your consultation to make it more customer-centric. This would help you to prepare for the meeting and in understanding your client’s request more briefly. Traditionally, you have to make back and forth texts, calls and emails to know about their expectations. But with ZealSchedule, collect all the information you need to know or want to know immediately after scheduling appointments. Know more about collecting information from your clients here.

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4. Converting your social-media traffic/ web traffics into your clients:

It is vital for you to share your booking links in all possible places to drive your customers into leads. As in online consultation, e-marketing plays an important role, make sure to provide links in social-media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin to create more bookings. If you already have a web page for your online consulting business, add the plugin into a button and start scheduling bookings without many complexities. If you do not have one- ZealSchedule got your back. Customize the booking page according to your wish and add the services and you are ready to go. It is as simple as that!

5. Developing relations and Delivering results:

It is creating a perfect environment for your client’s success that determines the growth and success of your business in the consulting industry, so focus on building a nearly perfect relationship with your client, gain their trust, work with them and for them to satisfy their needs and deliver the best possible results for them. ZealSchedule helps you to analyze your client relations with the number of bookings they made. When scheduling software comes with this broad range of features, why not switch to it? And that’s a question you have to answer.

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The 7 best reasons for your online consultancy business  to opt for a scheduling software

6. Around the clock booking and enabling self-booking:

No more fuss about missed calls and meetings. Send automatic reminders to your clients about the meeting through emails and SMSs. Receive bookings around the clock. Say bye to separate front desk management software and say hi to automated scheduling software that could do more than just scheduling.

With ZealSchedule, explore the various recipes of booking and scheduling. Customize it to your fit by upgrading to the cake plan of ZealSchedule.