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Learn How to Share Your Public Calendar Link

“The shorter way to do many things, is to only do one thing at a time” -Mozart


Upgraded or thinking of upgrading to scheduling software? Know the full potential of it in expanding your customer base. Once you have created and established your services, making them available to your customers for bookings will bring in business. Just like “living the fullest '', take complete advantage of ZealSchedule to establish a good connection with your customers by sharing your calendar availability to them on various platforms and scheduling those meetings.

As technology and the reach of technology to people broaden, the quality of services and products being delivered to them also rises. A survey about the number of new startups that emerged in the past 2-3 years has climbed to a whopping  64,000 in the United States alone. The unique feature that separates you and your competitors other than the quality of your service/product is the reach and marketing strategies you follow. Learn more about how Instagram could help in developing your business. By sharing your calendar link on various platforms, you increase your customer's chance to choose you over others.

Why is it necessary to share your calendar link?

Product demonstration or in converting your possible client into leads, meetings are the best way to establish, persuade and convince your users. There are best chances that your product is well received and liked by the audience yet not compelling enough for them to spend 30 minutes or an hour just planning an appointment to get to know more about the product. By sharing your calendar link in all places necessary, this barrier is broken, and it helps in creating an excellent first impression about your company and the product. Sharing calendar links is also a great practice in the culture of remote working and virtual offices as it lets others know about your schedule and helps them  plan and organize events eliminating the trouble of no-shows.

Best ways to share your calendar link

1. Share your calendar availability through mail:

No more back and forth emails about the best-suited timeframe for the meetings, simply copy and paste the link in your message. By sharing your calendar link in the emails, your client or invitee could directly choose the time they're comfortable with while also checking your availability. This is the most famous and preferred type of calendar link sharing used to schedule appointments for a one-on-one booking.

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Learn How to Share Your Public Calendar Link

Best practices to pass messages on while sharing your calendar link through the mail are:

For Sales discovery call:

Thank you for showing your interest in our product. We would be glad to show you around our services and know about your requirements to see how best our product could fit in. Click on the link to schedule an appointment at your convenient time.

For Customer service:

Thanks so much for reaching out! Just confirming that we’ve received your request for more information and will be in touch within [XX] hours with a more complete response. If you need immediate assistance, feel free to schedule a call/ meeting with this link.”

For Interviews:

Glad you showed interest in our firm. Let's schedule an interview and discuss the suitability and the details of the job for you. Click here(link) to schedule the meeting at your convenient time.”

For informal and general meetings:

“I would love to discuss more about this in a call. Here’s my scheduling link to plan a meeting at your most suitable time.”

The most general message to pass on in all your calendar link sharing mail is to use

Here's my scheduling link to avoid the complexity of booking meetings and to reduce time.”

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2. In your professional site:

One of the most common and effective platforms to share your booking/calendar link is to embed it in your website. FunFact:you could also create a booking page for your product/service, if you don't have one, with ZealSchedule!.This would increase the volume of appointments you get while reducing the burden of attending calls for bookings at your front desk.

3. Add your calendar link in chatbots:

Chatbots are programmed to interact with your customers to answer your product’s primary and most frequently asked questions. But to give a better understanding to the user about your service or product and provide detailed insights, one-one meetings, and conversations takeover. Build the bridge between these extremes by embedding your calendar link in your chatbot. By adding your calendar link in chatbots, you save your clients time by not searching for the scheduling link throughout the website.

4. Inside a blog post:

Inside a blog post about your product or service, add your calendar links to let your audience book a trial or an appointment. To reach a broad audience and to showcase them about your easy availability, share your calendar links to them inside a blogpost in places necessary. This would grow the number of unique customer appointments for your product or service.

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Learn How to Share Your Public Calendar Link

5. To specific groups of people:

In many cases, you only want to share your availability and booking links with particular people. For example, if you’re going to schedule a meeting consisting of people who graduated in IT only, then sharing your link in public places like a blog or your website is not ideal. To filter people, you could use forms that have filter logic, and you could direct people who answered in a specific way to book appointments by sharing your calendar link at the end.

Where can I find the calendar link in ZealSchedule?

  • After creating your services with necessary catch-phrases and essential details, you can find a shareable link beside the services you created in the services tab.

  • Each service has a unique URL associated with it.

  • Clicking on the button will copy the link to your clipboard and use it in all the places you find essential and appropriate.

Having set up your services and booking site and knowing where to use your links, share it wisely and grow your business without worrying about managing appointments.

 Know all about sharing your calendar links and be a boss at managing appointments.