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24 Tips for Managing Your 24 Hours Like a Boss

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”- Peter Ducker


Owning a small business or managing a large organization, one-man show, or having an army of staff, time management is the key to having an organized workflow. The main factor causing disorderliness in your workday is “scheduling and managing appointments.” Manually scheduling appointments in this techade(technology-decade) is as outdated as using a fax machine to send documents or send back and forth emails. Embrace the change and switch to automatic appointment scheduling software like ZealSchedule to grow your organization

Forty percent of working men spend half-an-hour scheduling a one-hour long meeting, and more than 15% of the working hours are spent only in scheduling meetings! Big organizations spend hundreds of dollars just to hire a front-desk managing staff, whose only job is to schedule meetings without overlapping appointments. But still, there is no decline in the number of no-shows and missed appointments. Why waste your time and resources on something that can be automated more effectively and efficiently?

Tips and tricks to manage your appointment scheduling:

Howsoever great your product is, marketing and convincing that you are the best to your target audience is what determines the growth and success of your company. By making every business process automatic, you reduce the possibility of human errors while increasing your productivity. Appointment and meeting management is an essential step in your business as it is a doorway for persuading your customer that you and your products are the best in the market. Using automatic scheduling software not only relieves you of the stress of scheduling it but also increases your productivity by making effective use of your time. Here are a few tips to have a better day with an organized meeting scheduler.

Are you using paper calendars for booking? Entirely not professional, and also, they become messy and cluttered if you have multiple bookings or Are you hooked up with the good old google and outlook calendars for scheduling? Scheduling appointments is possible, but booking appointments is not possible! And you know that the struggles of having to reschedule and cancel a meeting using them are real.

Playing phone-tag and guessing games in emails are time-consuming and tiring.  Cut the back and forth calls and emails and jump into the premium cloud of automatic scheduling with  ZealSchedule. 

If planning a one-on-one meeting takes 15 minutes, planning a group meeting with multiple persons takes even more time- maybe thrice this amount.No more worries about planning group events or group meetings. Using ZealSchedule’s group booking feature, you could book appointments at their comfortable time frame from the available slots.

Clients get the option of booking an appointment at their convenient time from the list of available slots. Learn how ZealSchedule can be used in your business.

Rescheduling meetings should not take more than a second - if scheduling meetings take you 3-4 phone calls/email, rescheduling meetings take equally the same efforts and time. With ZealSchedule, you could reschedule an appointment with just one click and let your clients know about it.

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24 Tips for Managing Your 24 Hours Like a Boss

Canceling meetings made simple - with advanced software like ZealSchedule, canceling your appointments becomes as easy as liking a blog; all it takes is a single click.

You have too much information in too many places - with a professional calendar, all the details about your meetings are correctly organized and are set up in such a way that it is easy to view and process.

Save your workforce(human resources) and time - according to Hubspot,

“A company with 250 employees, working 47 weeks per year, spending 4 hours per week planning meetings loses 47,000 hours of employee productivity per year.” and likewise, never forget that wasted time = less productivity = less cash flow = low business growth.

Make your payment online- when your appointment scheduling software also provides you platforms for payment integrations, you should take complete advantage of it. This feature is a beneficial and effective solution when you are managing a one-man show. ZealSchedule can be integrated with payment gateways like - PayPal, Razorpay, stripe, and square.

Lots of information get lost in communication - many vital details can be missed or forgotten while playing phone tags in booking appointments. With an appointment scheduling software like ZealSchedule, collect and store your data privately and securely.

Getting custom customer inputs - collect an ocean of information from your customers using the custom fields feature. This helps in understanding your client’s requirements more precisely.

Scheduling Made Easy

No more no-shows- with ZealSchedule’s rescheduling and any time cancellation feature, you could reduce the number of no-shows, ultimately saving your time. You could also block this feature before a threshold time up ahead of your meeting.

Remembering your meetings shouldn’t be a problem anymore - it is often difficult to remember the time fo your appointments. Imagine if both you and your client get an automatic SMS or an email before your meetings. This is what ZealSchedule provides. It sends automated reminders to you and your customer, reducing the chance of no-shows.

Share your calendar links everywhere - sharing your calendar links on multiple platforms is essential for growing your business. Learn more about all the places you could share your calendar link.

Integrate with google and outlook calendars - to have a more concisely organized appointment scheduler, sync/integrate your zeal account with google and outlook calendar.

Manage your staff’s schedule - as an owner of a business, it is your responsibility to manage and overlook the schedule and work of your employee. Scheduling software like ZealSchedule allows you to manage and supervise your staff’s profile.

Enable your customers to choose their staff - managing your staff’s schedule and enabling the customers to select their requested staff for service adds a personal touch to your service.

Integrations - while choosing an appointment scheduling software, you need to ensure that it fits into your existing workflow. The usage and handling of the software itself shouldn’t be a burden for you. ZealSchedule provides 1500+ integrations to make your appointment scheduling more simple and easy.

Adding the plugin to your exisisting webpage - if you already have a professional website for your business, you could add the booking plugin easily into it.

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24 Tips for Managing Your 24 Hours Like a Boss

Create an attractive booking page -  booking pages are essential to attract your customers. While choosing your scheduling software, make sure that they provide you the option of creating a new customizable booking page. With ZealSchedule, you could share all the details about your available hours, staff, and details about your service on your page.

Client onboarding made easy - proper onboarding of your clients is crucial for a long-term relationship. Provide the best onboarding experience and win the customer's loyalty. Use  ZealSchedule as it provides you with the best onboarding experience while saving your resources and time. 

Analysis and reports - analysis and report of your bookings help in making decisions. They allow you to realize what you should improve upon. Have a look at ZealSchedule’s new dashboard design

Customizable templates -  Use customizable templates for emails and SMS’s to send reminders and other details about the meeting.

Use white-labeled emails -  with white-labeled emails, send automatic emails to your clients regarding the meeting/booking.

Tailor-made for your biz- choose a scheduling software that is tailormade for your business. Make sure it satisfies all your requirements. Learn how ZealSchedule fits into your business here.

Take a break between appointments-  breaks between appointments are ideal and are necessary for having a more productive day. Make sure your appointment scheduling software lets you have a break between meetings. 

Bookings between 2 calendar days -  ensure that all the features required by your firm to book appointments are present in your appointment scheduling software. With ZealSchedule, you could book between calendar days, making your bookings more functional.

“The first step towards change is awareness and the second is acceptance”

Embrace and adapt to the change knowing all the perks of it in your industry. Automatic appointment scheduling software like ZealSchedule is tailor-made for your business and you could add customized features by upgrading to the cake plan

Efficient management of appointments = Effective utilization of time = Better productivity = Stepping stone for a successful business.