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ZealSchedule as a Tutor Scheduling Software

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” — Albert Einstein


The world is moving towards automation. Machines are replacing anything that the computer could process. Only by coping up with the external changes of the market could your business sustain in the trade. Automation is not only a buzz but a real-time need in this digital era to save money, resources, and time. By adapting and embracing changes, your business becomes more attractive, efficient, and effective.

If you own a tutoring business, you are in the right place to explore in making your business up to date. Let us take an into the wild journey in completely automating your scheduling process and discover the easiest way to schedule your tutoring sessions.

1. Accept bookings around the clock.

Increase your student interaction time and simultaneously the effectiveness while your online automatic scheduling software brings in bookings for you. Free up the time you spend booking and scheduling classes over calls/emails by sharing your real-time availability with your students. By sharing your booking page with them, you could receive appointments 24x7 without any overlapping bookings. This helps in streamlining your tutoring schedule.

2. No more cutting classes

With ZealSchedule, you need not remember all your appointment timings and details regarding it. Send automatic reminders through SMS and emails to your students and reduce the number of no-shows. Customize the templates and send white-labeled emails. Make the maximum out of your hours every day.

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ZealSchedule as a Tutor Scheduling Software

3.Recurring sessions made easy.

Take your regular bookings to the next level by allowing your students to book a regular spot in your calendar. Specify the period and block the booking spot for further bookings in that period. Also, receive reminders before each class. Collect payments from your students through Square, Stripe, PayPal, and Razorpay before each session.

4.Bookings from Socialmedia

Share your calendar links on your social media platforms and reach a wide range of your targeted audience. Convert your followers into your client and grow your business never like before. Know the perks of sharing your calendar links and the best practices of sharing your calendar links here. Convenience and ease of access at best.

Scheduling Made Easy

5.Virtual tutoring sessions(host from anywhere)

ZealSchedule provides integrations with 1500+ applications, among which virtual learning platforms like zoom and g-meet are also a part. Meet your students face-to-face in a tap. Share your class links to them right after booking appointments, thereby eliminating the tiresome task of sending links individually.

6.Student and tutor management

Maintain your student’s contact details, the number of classes they have booked, and all the other details you got from the custom fields with ZealSchedule.   Monitor your productivity, analyze your business, and monitor the other tutor’s productivity in the dashboard itself. Get a glance of how your day, week, or month looks like in a simple and well-organized calendar.

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ZealSchedule as a Tutor Scheduling Software

7.Group scheduling

One important feature you should look up to while hosting a tutoring class is that the availability to schedule group classes. Specify the maximum number of bookings for each slot and restrict bookings after the specified number. With these tailor-made features in your hand, broaden your tutoring business.

Just like an ocean, find all you are looking for, for managing your tutoring business in ZealSchedule. 7 is just a number and it cannot encompass all the benefits and features you could experience.

Wave bye to no-shows and say Hi to scheduled workflows. 

Happy scheduling!