5 Must-Have Tools for Front-desk Management
(Our team's take)

A step towards making your work life- simple, productive, and contemporary.

Having troubles fitting new appointments into your existing schedules? Not being able to find the perfect medium to host your meetings virtually? Desperate to manage your customer relations effectively? Exhausted with the never-ending calls for scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling bookings? 

No worries, you are in the right place to get answered for all your front-desk management queries.  Explore the possibilities and choose the best fit tool for ensuring the smooth flow and constant growth of your business.


Optimizing the usage of human resources is as important as managing and coordinating their functionalities. When a machine or software can replace works done by humans, why not adapt to it? 

According to statistics, there is a direct connection between the front-desk managing staff and the number of new leads produced. The way the staff interacts with the bookings generated can either cause further recurring bookings or be critical. Shift your front desk managing staff to a more engaging and needing field by adopting more straightforward and less-risk engaging tools and generate more revenue while using your resources efficiently. The right tool and software can help you reduce the most common and simple frustrations in managing your business - like the front desk.         

Here in this guide let's peek into tools that help you replace front-desk managers with powerful software

Office  Communication Tools
Appointment Scheduling software
Document    Management
Customer Relations Management
Time-management and project tracking software

Office Communication Tools:

Office Communications have been reinvented after this pandemic. Thanks to technology,  Reports, Documents, Meetings, and whatnot, all these have taken a digital transition

And once we have all had a taste of the benefits digital communication provides then there is no way of going back. Now we will be seeing few applications which are considered to be best in providing this service

First on the list is


Being a collaboration hub of multiple essential features this Application makes office communications efficient and help the team members work together towards the goal

A few of their best features include :
Pinning messages and reference links to channels

  1. Managing and tracking documents

  2. Advanced search modifiers

  3. Using shared channels across workspaces

  4. Streamlining your sidebar

  5. Lightning-quick navigation

  6. Setting reminders

  7. Subscribing to RSS feeds

All these combined with an efficient appointment scheduling application like ZealSchedule would bring you one of the best workspaces.


Just as the name suggests Teams, a product of Microsoft acts as a bridge between team members to collaborate and communicate effectively. It is a single entity that holds multiple necessary features that any workspace requires. It has features that include

For anyone who uses Microsoft Office tools like Word, Powerpoint, Teams gives the opportunity to directly edit, view, and comment on the documents.

  1.  instant messaging

  2.  audio and video calling

  3.  rich online meetings

  4.  mobile experience

  5. extensive web conferencing capabilities

  6. Integration with Microsoft 365 

  7. File and data collaborations


Organize with
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Booking Scheduling Software :

The next important tool that a front desk must have is appointment scheduling software.Time management is an essential component of any organization. It can be achieved by having proper scheduling of meetings and appointments well ahead. Few applications which provide this service in the best way possible are


This Application is an all-in-one suite for appointment scheduling.

It has a wide range of features which makes scheduling easier. The stand-out aspect of Zeal Schedule is the FAB features ( Flexible bookings, Add-ons for a service, and Booking intervals)  along with unlimited customization which is driven by API. It has a wide range of integrations including Zoom, Google meets, and many more communication tools and also with the calendars like google calendars, Microsoft 365 so that you can manage your time efficiently every day. ​

Some of the key features of this application are:

  1.  Fully functional and customizable Booking Page

  2. Fully integrated payment Gateways

  3. Ability to embed the booking link with the company’s webpage

  4. Automatic time zone detection

  5. 2-way calendar synchronization

  6. Free Data migration

  7. Role-Based Access Control

  8. Language Detection


Their simple user interface is their major benefit, and they have active customer support. They have mobile apps and plugins. Calendly is an economic option for businesses or individuals. It can also be integrated with your business website. But advanced features like Zoom, Stripe, and MailChimp integrations are available only in paid versions

The highlights of Calendly include:


  • Unlimited events scheduling

  • Calendar integrations

  • Reports on invited by source, campaign, event type

  • Over 700 app integrations

  • Free 14-day trial

Zoho bookings

Zoho Bookings is an online appointment scheduling service for small businesses. It is a booking system for one-on-one meetings, classes, and much more.

It has many customizable options and is connected to Zoho Meeting and GoToWebinar, allowing staff members to conduct video discussions and classes.​

Few of its features are

  1. Connect multiple Office365/Outlook.com, Google, and Zoho calendars.

  2. Completely customize your booking pages

  3. Share your booking page via a public link, 

  4. Configure and customize SMS and email reminders.

  5. Integrate with Zoho Flow and connect up to 300 third-party services.

  6. Connect Zoho CRM to automatically push customer details as a Lead.

  7. Zoho Bookings is available as an individual product or as a part of Zoho On

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Time-management and project tracking software

It is vital for your business to know about the progress and productivity every day in order to make decisions and to brainstorm new ideas. Time-management software lets you manage your time in the most optimizable way possible to have a highly productive and organized day. With the best time management software, you will not need an expert/assistant to plan your schedule anymore. Know about your team’s progress on a project with project tracking software. Here are our top picks for time management and project tracking software:


Clockify is a free and famous time management tool that lets you track the working hours of your employees across projects. They provide you with a time tracker and timesheet to track the said. Some of the best features of clockify are:

  • Unlimited user and free forever

  • Tracks productivity, billable hours and attendance

  • Simple and easy to use time tracker and timesheet

  • Provides reports on the productivity and lets you export it

  • Allows you to track leaves and lets you fix hourly rates for your employees.


Hubstaff Time is a time management tool that lets you manage and overlook the time spent on projects. It can be used to track time spent on remote fields and teams. In addition to the time tracking, Hubstaff also acts as a platform for workforce and project management. Hubstaff Time has also got you a scheduling gateway to solve your simple scheduling needs. ZealSchedule- acts as a way better alternative for Hubstaff time scheduling software as it was developed for the sole purpose of solving your scheduling needs.

Here are some best features Hubstaff time offers you:

  • Has a desktop application, chrome version, and a mobile application

  • Allows you to set pay and bill rates for every person

  • Requires the least amount of admin work

  • Has a free 7-day trial

  • Comes along with a suite of other related products that helps you in the development of your business.


Jira is a project managing and office communication tool that helps you plan, track and work faster. Jira is most commonly used by software companies and developers to organize, sort, and prioritize the work that needs to be done. Supporting agile development, Jira is a most famous and simple to use project managing software that lets you work efficiently and effectively.

Some highlights of using Jira are

  • Built-in reports to track time, productivity, and the amount of work completed

  • Provides lots of methods to report and analyze the work done

  • Lets you create your own and customized workflow that fits your business

  • Provides many integrations with tools that help you work smoothly


Customer relations management

The most efficient and effective method in creating and managing your customers is through Customer Relationship Management. Starting from lead generation to your customer’s purchase of a product, it is important to continuously engage them through various means. Good customer relation management paves way for a very long and strong bond between the business and the client. Again thanks to modern technology, there is no more need for you to hire people for maintaining your customer relationship status. Having a CRM tool, not only reduces risks but also saves your resources.  With more companies launching new CRM’s  here’s our topics for you:

Zoho CRM

Zoho is famous for its Customer relationship management software among others. It can be customized and personalized to fit in all industries in all domains. They provide many gateways of communication to the customer through live chat, SMS, emails, and telephone. Get to know about the way the clients interact with your business and receive real-time notifications for the same. Also, they provide reports on the effectiveness of your communication which further helps in making decisions.

Some of the best takeaways for your business using Zoho is:

  • The user interface can be redesigned using canvas.

  • Helps you make the most of your incoming leads

  • Get to know about your organization’s territory-wide sales performance. 

  • Find any information from your CRM data using the Zia - the AI-powered sales assistant, also get the lead and deal predictions with the same.

Freshworks CRM:

Freshsales is the CRM tool produced by Freshworks. Freshsales, similar to Zoho, provides features that help in managing your sales. With freshsales, discover better leads for your business. 

 Some of the highlights of Freshworks are:

  • Lets you track your customer journey- starting from website visiting to qualified lead to a loyal customer. 

  • Freddie- the AI-powered assistant helps you to navigate and make the best out of freshsale.

  • Provides insights on you customer interactiveness and sales analytics.

Document and data management

Google workspace

Being a part of front desk management involves lots of juggling between multiple applications and handling various data which brings in the need for an application to handle all this data as a single entity, that is where Google Workspaces comes into play. It includes all the productivity applications like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Chat, and more. It allows collaborating with others in all these applications and has been updating their user experience from time to time.

 Its features like Work insights provide oversight on how the staff is performing and engaging with Workspace. Insights can provide information on levels of adoption, collaboration, and productivity using charts and data like in Google Analytics. It also shows service-specific data, making it easy to spot staff preferences.

Current is another special feature of Workspace. It is a social media platform for employees. And hence help in boosting social interaction between employees. It lets them publish posts thus helping the staff share ideas irrespective of their location. It also gives control to the Admin to control and moderate the content.

The next feature is Vault, which acts as an archiving service thereby lets users store and access data. It also lets the admin decide which user can access a particular data and how days it must be stored. Moreover, it lets the users search the files based on type, user, created date, and keywords.